December 2013


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Thanksgiving 2013

James surprised the girls (and Dad) with a visit, and we were all really glad to have him here for Thanksgiving.

Being the nut that I am, I had the brilliant idea to make these adorable acorn napkin rings to go with the new napkins I wanted to whip up (ON Thanksgiving Day— yes, I did say I was a nut, right?! And they ARE acorn rings after all…). I’m crazy like that. It’s just how I roll….

Good thing James was willing to pretty much do the whole thing for me, because I am NOT crafty at all (contrary to what some may think). I sew. I bake. I decorate. But craft I do not. Not well, anyway.

I love, love, love how they turned out!

And I love the color combination and way they work with the new chargers I got. (Except that I didn’t get a shot of that very well- bummer.)

The girls were super excited that their big brother Jeancarlos was able to be here, too!

We definitely had a bountiful table.

James won the best dressed award. He will get an extra piece of pie. Which was not ready until much later, due to, em… a little napkin making project that set other  things back just a bit. :)

There was lots of preparation and a bit of rushing, but I am definitely taking time to reflect on the many blessings in my life. I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing day with loved ones!

And if you’d like to make some of these darling little acorn napkin rings, you can see the tutorial here:
Better go start now if you want them in time for next Thanksgiving. No joke! :) Well, maybe a little.

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November 2013



This is one of my all time favorite pictures of the girls!

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October 2013


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September 2013


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August 2013


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Happy Birthday, Mom!

How about this for a late post….
March 2012: Celebrating Mom’s birthday in Nebraska.

Here is my beautiful mother, posing with flowers from Aunt BJ and Uncle Jim. Isn’t she cute?! She has the sweetest smile.

It was so nice to have some girl time with just Mom and me over a weekend. We had a nice dinner out with my brother David at Lazlo’s in the historic Lincoln haymarket- I love that place!

But this was mostly a diy “working weekend!” Our time was spent setting up my mom’s guest room with the bedding and accessories James and my family got her for Christmas. We spent time shopping and figuring out curtain rods, sheers, additional accessories, hanging everything, etc.

Yes, I made these drapes! I can hardly believe it myself. Mom and I found these two unique pictures while out shopping together — fun time and perfect find! You can’t tell from these photos, but the wall color is a beautiful, mellow gray.

We picked out the bed frame and nightstand while together with James in FL over Christmas, so we all got to be a part of that process together. Just ignore the wrapping on the lampshade- we were trying out different ones, but finally decided on this one. And ignore that one of the large decorative pillows is missing– that involved another trip for the pillow insert. There were lots of trips and return trips involved on this mission!

Here is her beautiful picture grouping, using some of the fabric left from the pillows. I love these frames we found at Pier1 with James at Christmas! It was a pain to hang them all evenly, though– they each had two hooks on the back so it took forever to measure them all out.

We did not stop this entire weekend, but it was so worth it! I love how everything turned out- so chic and soothing. It feels like a hotel suite! :)

We were in such a groove that we continued on to re-do her den! This was just a work in progress while I was there, but we got some great things picked out that she loved,  and also decided on the paint color. Here’s just a glimpse of the color scheme and style. We even got a few things for her guest bath to tie in the colors with the den. We were unstoppable! :)

Now I’ve got the itch to do some redecorating around here! :)

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Father’s Day 2013

Great food…

plus the perfect gifts…
fathers day gifts

multiplied by a relaxing day with family…

…equals one happy daddy!

Happy Father’s Day, Amor! Thank you for all you do to support our family!

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July 2013


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The California Wrap-up

How could I miss the incredible highlight of the girls watching The Wizard of Oz for the very first time?! This was such a monumental event!!

The girls are still practicing that special “Dorothy skip” and asking me to do the Dorothy hairstyle for them.

And did I mention how much we played games? It was a big part of our time there!
game collage

We also had a blast playing Tripoly, which was a family favorite on my dad’s side of the family whenever we’d go there for holiday get-togethers. The girls were naturals at it- must be in their blood!019

Along with playing games goes snacks. We had the yummiest little pretzels (that I cannot find anywhere here!) and of course, jellybeans!IMG_7345

And look at what my thoughtful brother did to add an extra special touch… he got these beautiful peonies (two bunches!) for us to enjoy.017

They are my favorite flowers and I can’t get them anywhere here.
001 (2)

James really went out of his way to make our time in California special, memorable and comfortable.

We so enjoyed our time with you, James, and can’t wait for our next opportunity to see you! Thank you for all the ways you blessed us!

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